If You Could be Anything,


Photographs: Emmi Hyyppä
Styling: Helen Woltering
Hair & Make-up: Iga Wasylczuk, Mattie White
Words: Helen Woltering

Sincerely Yours collaborated with photographer Emmi Hyyppä and we asked four young women in their mid-twenties what they would want to be if they could be anything. Let yourself be immersed in their fantasies.


Anaïs LY, 23, Paris/London

If I could be anything,

I would be an arctic fox.

I never though it would be possible to be an arctic fox in London. Being in a cold crowded urban space around the Tate Modern, feeling the crisp autumn wind on my face whilst being warm and protected in my nest surrounded by birch trees was a compelling experience. I felt empowered by fitting into an unusual environment.

Katariina Salomäki, 27, Finland

If I could be anything,

I would be genderless.

It was cool to explore ideas with Emmi and her crew and then try different things in the shooting session. This project enabled me to see another side of myself definitely. I also realised how challenging it is to find the expression that can capture what you really want to communicate to the outside world. This made me to think how easy it is to be misinterpreted in real life.



Marin San Martin, 23, Mexico

If I could be anything,

I would be water.

I have been able to stop my thoughts in this ice cold water and I was completely present in the moment which is really rare nowadays. I always have a million thoughts in my head. Being immersed in the nature and becoming one with the water was a truly powerful experience.

Emma Lindgren, 26, Sweden

If I could be anything,

I would be sustainable.

Managing to combine the green, nature setting with urban London really empowered me. This is where I feel I’m at my best. The flowers that covered my arms made me feel very beautiful and calm.


Finnish photographer Emmi Hyyppä researches empowering photography through creating individual fantasies. Empowering photography questions the traditional relationship between photographer and subject – and shifts it around. They become equal, in a dialogue with each other, where the subject has the ability to bring their personality and story into the photograph. Asking people the above-mentioned question Emmi manages to dig deep into her participants’ minds and get genuine answers that may trigger the subject’s feeling of vulnerability as well as strength. Based on their answer the fantasy-image is created in collaboration with the subject. Through the project participants have a unique chance to discover something new about themselves and to bring forth their real or hidden identity. What makes the journey special is that the participants will be able to see themselves as they would like to be seen and eventually feel empowered.

For more inspiration, have a look at Emmi’s website: Emmi Hyyppä

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