In between jetset life and photo shoots curvy model Aglaë Dreyer makes sure to always spend some time on things that nurture her soul: a cup of green tea, the smell of fresh flowers, coconut yoghurt, and a set of lingerie that makes her feel comfortable for a long working day. We met the 27 year-old at her Notting Hill apartment to give you a look behind the scenes.

Words: Helen Woltering
Photographs: Ed Little Photography
Creative Direction: Helen Woltering
Styling: Sandra Blazinskaite
Hair & Make-up: Maya Czarnecka

“I begin every morning, when at home, by giving a good morning kiss to my love.”

“For breakfast I eat coconut yoghurt, granola and fruits. Sometimes toast with marmite and cheese. Depends on what I feel like.”

“My favourite lipsticks are nude colours and shades of red, I love the ones from Dior and Nars.“

“Carven’s eau de toilette is the best fragrance. It was a gift from my babe and it makes me feel loved every time I spray it on my body.”

“My favourite season is summer – the less clothes I wear, the more comfortable I feel.”

“I love big men shirts, cozy sweaters and turtlenecks. I feel so elegant with a turtleneck.”

“A book I adore: Sophie’s choice. So sad but so beautiful.”


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