Editor’s Letter

Editor’s letter

A new year, a fresh start, a clean cut; a fan wide open to many possibilities to grab, unexpected events to attend, a positive lens through which we perceive the upcoming year. It is the first day of a thrilling journey to virgin territories. How it will unfold is still a mystery. One thing that’s for sure: It will go in the direction of your dreams if you allow it to. I am very proud to present the first issue of Sincerely Yours Magazine which focuses on transformation.

In fashion we celebrate seasonal changes: a new collection, the latest trend at an amazing runway show. But what if the lights are off? Once the focus is off the way we look in the spotlight, we can focus on so much more – in the Soul Stories section model Aglaë Dreyer talks us through the liberating journey from being a size zero to being a curvy model and how it started to make her life flow.

This issue presents a host of amazing women who transformed themselves and the world around them by simply doing what they love. In Snapshot you will meet designer Anisha Parmer who uses the influences of different cultures to inspire with her one of a kind pieces, singer songwriter Laura Maidment who just launched her first EP invites you to daydream through her songs about universal love and how nothing is ever wasted, and theatre director María Isabel Askew who loves mesmerising her audience by performing different characters on stage. At Sincerely Yours we believe that inner and outer transformation goes hand in hand and that fashion can be the linchpin to connect these two entities.

To us, clothes are meaningful. There is more to it than the eye can see. The items we wear allow us to feel a certain way and therefore they transform the way we carry ourselves through life. After all there is something magical about fashion which London based photographer Lolo Bates captures perfectly in her fairy dusty artwork which you can let yourself be immersed in in the Allure section. We clearly aren’t Cinderella and a new pair of heels doesn’t change our lives, but it can certainly make the journey more fun as Carrie Bradshaw would say. How TV, our guilty pleasure, can actually be a transformative space to help us learn a little bit more about ourselves is explored in Allure.

If you seek for non-fictional advice, you should turn to the Ethos section. Meet Jo Duncombe and Saskia Roddick the founders of The Quarter Club – a network for creative women like you and me to collaborate and consult. These women encourage you to take the first step in a new direction, no matter how big or crazy your dreams seems to be. Transformation is easier with a supportive network of fiercely ambitious females behind you. After all, we never know what life has planned for us and what changes are around the corner, but if we trust the magic of new beginnings and live up to a perfection of our own, it can be a journey full of surprises and who doesn’t like surprises?

Let the magic of the new unfold.

Sincerely Yours,